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Insulation products

Expanded Corkboard

The ICB is a 100 % vegetable, originated from cork. This product originates from a renewable and sustainable raw material, since the cork is extracted without killing or doing any harm to the tree. The maintenance of the cork oak forest is an ecofriendly activity, keeping and preserving a very fragile and unique ecosystem.

ICB Products – Technical Data Sheet
Density from 100 to 120 Kg/m3
Thermal conductivity coefficient 0,040 W/mk
Thermal diffusion 1,4×10-7/1,9×10-7 m2/s
Flexural rupture strength from 1,4 to 2,0 Kgf/cm2
Usage temperature from -180ºC to +120ºC
Dimensions 1000x500mm
Thicknesses from 10mm to 300mm
Fire class Euroclasse E
Fire class – ETICS System B-s1,d0
Certification CE EN13170, COV A+, DAP HABITAT
Insulation Values
(R in m2 k/W and K in W/m2 K)
Thickness R K
40mm 1,000 1,000
50mm 1,250 0,800
60mm 1,500 0,667
80mm 2,000 0,500
Delay time
(in hours per 20cm)
Primary energy Very low
Carbon sinks
100% recyclable
Reduces the greenhouse effect
Renewable raw material
Contributes for the biodiversity and reduces the desertification
Long durability, without loosing it’s features
Makes 3 different types of insulation, at the same time (thermal, sound and vibrations)
Expanded Corkboard